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Workshop on the Acoustics of Automotive Interiors 2023


We have had a fantastic response to this event, and as a result it is now fully booked.  Please follow us on LinkedIn for news about future events.

2nd – 3rd March 2023

Chilworth Manor Best Western Hotel
University of Southampton Science Park
Southampton, SO16 7PT, UK

The automotive industry is entering a period of unprecedented change. This workshop will bring together specialists from industry and academia to discuss a number of topics of fundamental importance to the future of automotive transport. As powertrains become electrified, interior noise will change in character and light-weighting will introduce still greater challenges for the control of motor, road and aerodynamic sources. The possibilities for controlling such unwanted sound by “active” means remains of interest in these circumstances. There is also the possibility of delivering enhanced “3D” audio experiences and even independent “sound zones” for passengers wishing to enjoy different entertainment system streams.

Sessions include:

I The acoustical challenges faced in designing vehicles for a low carbon economy
II The internal noise and vibration environment in new generations of electric and hybrid vehicles
III The active control of interior noise and vibration
IV The generation of private sound zones for vehicle occupants
V  The delivery of spatial audio (3D sound) to vehicle occupants

Timetable and presentation downloads:

Thu 2nd March
8:30 Arrival & reception
9:00 Introduction Phil Nelson, ISVR Introduction
9:30 Session I Davide Caprioli, Autoneum Evolution of vehicle NVH requirements and solutions in the era of Sustainability and electrification
10:00 Session I Dave Thurgood, Pritex The low carbon future and its effects on automotive acoustic design
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Session II Mehregan Bagherpour, TEEVA Battery electric truck noise and vibration challenges
11:30 Session II Etienne Parizet, INSA Lyon Low-frequency enhancement of a car radio through vibratory stimulation
12:00 Discussion Panel New challenges on NVH
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Session III Steve Elliott, ISVR Active sound control in cars
14:00 Session III Lorenzo Ebri, ASK The interior active noise and sound control challenges
14:30 Session III Simon Roberts, ISVR Consulting Lessons learned in application of ANC to broadband noise control in vehicles
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Session IV Abhishek Singhal, Tymphany Audio Foundry
16:00 Session IV Filippo Fazi, ISVR Multi-zone audio delivery in cars: fundamental theory and recent advances
16:30 Session IV Martin Møller, Bang and Olufsen Automotive Sound Zones: On the Influence of Ambient Temperature and Reflecting Boundaries
17:00 Discussion Panel Sound field control (ANC and multi-zone)
18:30 Drink Reception By invitation only
19:30 Dinner
Fri 3rd March
9:30 Session V Michael Cousins, Meridian Immersive Audio Experiences in the Car
10:00 Session V Marcos Simon, Audioscenic User Tracked Audio for Automotive Applications
10:30 Session V Phil Nelson, ISVR Optimal source distribution for multiple listener virtual sound imaging
11:00 Discussion Panel Spatial audio in car
12:00 Lunch


Abstracts / Programme

The abstracts and author introductions can be downloaded from here:  Abstracts

Workshop Fees

Thanks to the sponsorship of Huawei Technologies Dusseldorf GmbH, venue and catering are free of charge
for all the attendees.


The workshop venue is at:

Chilworth Manor Best Western Hotel
University of Southampton Science Park
Southampton, SO16 7PT


For more travel details see: