Joe Bloggs

Chief of Testing


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Built Environment

We provide advice on noise and vibration issues affecting all kinds of buildings, structures and transport infrastructure.

Our built environment services address the noise and vibration issues associated with all types of development, including residential, industrial, commercial, recreational and public sector building projects. We also work on road and rail transport infrastructure projects. Our expert consultants can help you ensure that new developments comply with local and national planning conditions, or help rectify noise issues in existing developments.

Sound insulation
We are registered with Association of Noise Consultants to undertake testing to check that sound insulation between flats and houses meets building regulation standards. We also work with developers at the design stage to ensure that their rooms have adequate sound insulation.

Environmental noise
We measure, predict and assess noise from all sorts of sources such as roads, railways, industrial processes and live entertainment venues. Where necessary, we use computer modelling techniques such as noise mapping to assist with the assessment. This is often an important part of the planning and design process of sensitive development projects such as residential buildings, hotels, schools and hospitals.

Building vibration
Roads, railways and industrial facilities can all produce vibration that can impact on sensitive buildings. Our engineers are experienced in measuring and predicting vibration levels, and designing environments in which low vibration levels are crucial, including world-class laboratories and research institutes. We use state-of-the-art measurement and computer modelling techniques to do this.