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Our Staff

At ISVR Consulting we pride ourselves in having a team of highly experienced individuals who are specialists in their areas.

Simon Roberts

BSc, MSc, MIOA, MIMechE, CEng

Simon leads the ISVR Consulting team and has over 30 years’ experience in noise and vibration engineering. He specialises in automotive and marine applications and has a keen interest in active noise control.

Daniel Lurcock

EngD, BEng, MIOA, CEng

Daniel has worked in acoustics for 20 years, covering environmental, architectural and industrial noise and vibration problems.  He specialises in noise and vibration from railways and military applications as well as software design.

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Christos Karatsovis

Christos specialises in building vibration, including modelling, testing and designing low-vibration buildings such as laboratories.

Martin Toward

PhD, MSc, BEng, CEng

Martin currently specialises in railway noise and vibration problems, and is involved at every step, from undertaking on-site measurements to sitting on international committees.

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Erika Quaranta


Erika specialises in numerical modelling of noise and fluid dynamics, including Finite Element (FE) and Boundary Element (BE) analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Diane Farrenden

Diane manages the administrative aspects of the team.

Prof. David Thompson


David Thompson is an internationally recognised expert in the area of railway noise and vibration who has devoted his career to making trains quieter.

His research is dominated by the noise and vibration of railways, particularly the reduction of rolling noise, aerodynamic noise and ground vibration. In his work he aims to develop appropriate theoretical models to achieve this. He has worked in many EU-funded collaborative projects and acts as a consultant to many companies in the rail industry.

Laurence Wilmshurst

Laurence specialises in audio applications, from testing microphones and speakers to developing active noise control systems.

Andy Varley


Andy undertakes most of our architectural and environmental acoustics work, including sound insulation testing and noise assessments.  He also undertakes product development measurements and investigations.

Glen Barber

Glen Supports the team through computer modelling on various vibration and acoustic projects. He also provides technical support to our acoustic laboratories.

John Fithyan


John manages our laboratory facilities and equipment, and oversees most of the testing that goes on in our anechoic and reverberant chambers.  He also undertakes noise assessments off-site for clients.

Evangelos Ntotsios

PhD, MSc, MEng, MIOA

Evangelos has a nearly 20 years’ experience in structural dynamics and vibration problems in the built environment, using both numerical and experimental techniques. He specialises in prediction and mitigation of railway rolling and ground borne noise & vibration as well as software design.

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Zachary Francis-Cox


Zachary is a graduate from the University of Southampton’s MEng Acoustical Engineering programme with experience in audio systems, DSP, and human responses to noise and vibration from military platforms.

Phil Oxborrow

Phil is our lead technician, supporting the team through the design and construction of mounts, stands, or anything else that might be required for our acoustic measurements.

Malcolm Smith


Now retired, but still involved with the team as required, Malcolm has a broad experience of acoustics, dynamics and low noise design, with a particular specialism in all sources of aerodynamic noise. Current chairman of the IOA Noise and Vibration Engineering Group.

John Dixon

Retired, but still a part of the team, John specialises in noise in automotive and marine applications.

Mike Lower


Retired, but still called on for expert advice or assistance as required, Mike specialises in occupational noise, hearing conservation and communications, particularly in defence and emergency services applications; speech intelligibility and audibility of warning sounds.

… You?

We are always interested in hearing from talented engineers that are looking to further their career… please contact us if this is you!  Also please visit our vacancies page for details on any current specific posts.