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Academic Papers

Our staff are leading practitioners and actively participate in research.

We have collected together here a number of useful documents from ISVR Consulting and other sources, paper and web. 
Note that all copyrights remain with the original authors or publishers.  These documents are made available here within the copyright terms published by the individuals and organizations concerned.  The symbol ↗ shows a link to an external site, such as the University of Southampton Institutional Repository ↗ or a publisher’s site.  Some journals permit an author’s accepted manuscript, but not the journal’s formatted version, to be placed on an author’s website.  Where we have linked to an accepted manuscript instead this is indicated in the list. These accepted manuscripts are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives licence (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) ↗ unless otherwise stated.

We have only listed papers that are freely available online.  We have not yet listed papers that are behind a pay wall or which require a journal subscription, but have included links to abstracts on web pages if these are publicly available.

We have used Adobe’s pdf format to retain the original layout of journal papers, articles, reports and conference proceedings. Unfortunately the small screens of mobile phones are not ‘pdf friendly’.

We will be adding further documents to the collection.   Currently the following are available, in approximate order of publication with the most recent papers at the top:

Papers from ISVR Consulting authors or co-authors:

*Authors from ISVR Consulting at the time of publication are marked with an asterisk.

Some useful links to documents from other sources:

ISVR Consulting has no responsibility for the content of these documents from other sources.