Joe Bloggs

Chief of Testing


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We offer a range of services to support our clients in modelling, measuring and assessing sound and vibration.

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As part of the University of Southampton we have access to state-of-the-art testing and research facilities.
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Standards testing
At ISVR Consulting we carry out measurements and qualification tests to international, British, proprietary and other standards.
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Design & Product Development
We help manufacturers to design and develop products where noise and vibration are factors.
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Building Acoustics & Vibration
Our building acoustics and vibration services include on-site measurements, laboratory testing, computer modelling and design.
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Active Noise Control
Active noise control works by analysing noise and producing an inverse noise to cancel it out to create quiet zones.
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Numerical Modelling
Solving engineering problems sometimes requires the use of computer predictions.  Our engineers are trained and experienced in the using various modelling techniques and specialist software packages.
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