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Chief of Testing


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Specialist noise and vibration equipment

ISVR Consulting has a wide range of specialist noise and vibration instrumentation and equipment.  We use this in our test facilities and in the field for our own noise and vibration measurements, testing and other project work.  Please note that to maintain continuity of calibration and prevent misuse we do not hire or lend this equipment.

Specialist sound equipment

We have a range of equipment for generating sound or noise and specialist instrumentation for measuring it.

The equipment includes:

  • our general, all-round sound level meters, Brüel & Kjær type 2250 and NTI XL2, with digital recording, octave and one-third octave, and narrow-band FFT analysis capabilities
  • Brüel & Kjær ‘Pulse’ analysis systems
  • National Instruments data acquisition systems (up to 96 channels)
  • Brüel & Kjær and G.R.A.S. instrumentation quality microphones and preamplifiers for general purpose testing
  • G.R.A.S and Brüel & Kjær “¼ inch” microphones for high level impulse noise and ultrasonic measurements
  • a Brüel & Kjær low-noise microphone for sound power and sound level measurements below 0 dB
  • a sound intensity probe and sound intensity calibrator
  • a Spectral Measurement dScope M1 audio analyser for electroacoustic tests such as frequency and impulse response, distortion, cross-talk, etc
  • a ‘Kemar’ manikin (Head and Torso Simulator) and ear simulators for measuring noise levels from headsets and earpieces
  • a G.R.A.S. 45CB acoustic test fixture, or ‘ANSI Head’ for measurements of the insertion loss of hearing protection and flight helmets (ANSI/ASA S12.42-2010)
  • miniature microphones and digital recorders for measurements under motorcyclists’ helmets, flying helmets, marine safety helmets and earmuffs, for example
  • an omni-directional sound source and tapping machine for building acoustics and sound transmission tests
  • microphone arrays
  • sound level calibrators and pistonphones

The calibrations of our sound level meters, sound level calibrators and pistonphones are traceable to DANAK or UKAS accredited laboratories.

Specialist vibration equipment

We have a range of equipment for generating vibration and specialist instrumentation for measuring it.

The equipment includes:

  • a range of standard accelerometers
  • specialist high-sensitivity accelerometers for use on ground vibration and structural vibration measurements
  • a range of instrumented hammers
  • a hand-arm and whole-body vibration measuring system with associated accelerometers
  • a National Instruments multi-channel data acquisition system
  • vibration calibrators

We also use the ISVR’s laser vibrometer.