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Chief of Testing


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Product development laboratory for noise and vibration

Tests on a digger in the product development laboratory at ISVR Consulting

The product development laboratory is approximately 8.5 m × 7.5 m × 3.4 m high.  It has a hard floor, but the walls and ceiling are lined with sound absorbing panels. It provides a large, repeatable, acoustic environment which is near semi-anechoic.

It is well suited to acoustic testing, research and development of a wide range of products, for example, industrial machinery, domestic appliances, and consumer goods such as audio and television equipment.

The product development lab is also used for tests of headsets with ‘talk-through’ systems using a loudspeaker replay system and a ‘Kemar’ acoustic manikin.

The Automotive and Marine engineers in ISVR Consulting use this laboratory for tests on vehicles, vehicle components, engines and exhaust systems. It is equipped with a retractable exhaust extraction hose to allow continuous engine running without the build-up of fumes.

A smaller room off the main laboratory space is also lined with sound absorbent panels and houses the ‘banger rig’ used for internal combustion engine diagnostic tests.

Short courses which involve an element of practical training and hands-on experience in noise and vibration are frequently held here.